Thursday, May 27, 2010

Notes on Gator Boards 2.0.

I sent a link to my boards to my friend, a story guy at Blue Sky Studios. He sent an amazing letter critiquing my boards with amazing detail. Well, nothing worthwhile was ever easy. But it means a lot that he considered my boards worth critiquing.

I'll sum up his letter:
-Change the taffic light to a Walk signal

- Add panels to show acting between characters, important when the characters meet for the first time. (Also, make the poses clear - think silhouettes)

- Add more POV shots - the kid's point of view down the street to the lady, an over-the shoulder shot POV of the gator as it starts to pull. If we're not siding with the gator, avoid any shots that looks like gator POVs, like when she's being pulled.

- draftsmanship-wise, make the backgrounds look like the city and not just blank walls. (and those cars in the upshots).

- Add some Thoughtful and Appropriate camera use. Put in some moving camera shots as needed (in CG, they're just boarded in without arrows, as in TV boards)
He also says, "If you are really into a career as a board artist, I recommend the Hollywood Camerawork dvd set." Definitely something to think about.

Now, what I will do: ---
Nix the upshots from the sidewalk
POV of the kid seeing the lady.
Have some Down shots so we see the gator pulling them in.
Have a profilish angle of the kid moving forwards around her for the grab
a POV over the shoulder of the gator.
and ... some camera moves. i have to think about that.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gator Boards - Revised!

I finished these boards FINALLY. They're only one section of a larger story, but they took a while to do (research included)
You can find them in better resolution HERE.

So for fun, here are the original drawings from Sept '08 - same idea, half the panels, and no real interesting camera angles. I credit my friend Andrés with making the gum into Gator candy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The chick on the left is evil. The guy on the right is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Revised Gator Boards!

Way back in September of 2008 I posted a link to my completed "Gator Storyboard" of 66 panels. Well, I'm almost done a revision of the first part of those boards - which amount to about 22 panels - and the drawing improvement speaks for itself. I'm not sure what I've been doing to grow as an artist these past 20 months... surely this blog was part of it. I also took a lot of life drawing at both SVA and the Art Students League. Recently I've just been looking at a lot of professional boards, and soaking in the influence.

Anyway, above is a rough sketch of those boards. (Below is the equivalent from '08.)
Stay tuned for the whole thing!


Last weekend I co-babysat for about 20 hours. Gabby is five years old and at 11pm on Saturday night started crying for her mommy. Jenn and I took turns reading to her until she fell asleep next to her brother. In the morning she jumps up and the first words out of her mouth were, "I knew that book would work!"