Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shading Tips

In these drawings, I sketched the figure itself and my teacher, Terence Coyle provided the shading.

He noted a few things:
1) Decide for yourself your single light source. Feel free to make one up.

2) Never shade 50/50. When you're going around the cylinder of a wrist, finger, arm, etc, favor the dark or the light.

3) Connect the shading. Like a stream, it should flow from the top and join shadows to the bottom. Lead the eye.

4) For fingers and things with repeating shadow patterns, make the darkest lines darker on one side and lighter on another. The darks are unequal throughout the different fingers

5) Of course, shade around the curve of the cylinder first and then spread it down.

6) Gradation is key. Find the middle ground on each surface.

7) The parts farthest away from the viewer should be darker.

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