Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monsters Inc Storyboard

So to hone my Storyboard chops, I sat for 1 hour and copied the storyboards from the "Monsters, Inc" DVD. It took nearly 80 drawings to do about 2/3 of this scene. I played it at the slowest possible speed my DVD player allowed and had a stack of scrap paper, and a medium blue sharpie in my hand.

The points I'm trying to ram into my skull:
There are many things to focus on, but I think those are the main two.

I intend to dedicate 5 hours a week to physically copying storyboards.
Then, I'll create my own.

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Sarah Satrun said...

Wow. That sounds like an interesting excersize. It should really teach you a lot. Don't forget to also be inspired by live action movies. Hitchcock is a good example. (Over the winter, I saw an exhibit of original storybords from The Birds.) Pirates of the Carribean is another good example- look at those boards- I think it's on the dvd.